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Service Points

MBW provides extensive coverage of most communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
To view our points of service, just click on the alphabetical menu below to find the coverage for an individual community.
Area Service
Fairview           REGULAR SERVICE
Fall River          REGULAR SERVICE
Falmouth          REGULAR SERVICE
Ferrona             NO SERVICE
Finlayson          OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Fishermans Harbour                  OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Five Islands      REGULAR SERVICE
Florence            OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Folly Lake          REGULAR SERVICE
Fordview            OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Forest Glen         REGULAR SERVICE
Forest Hills         REGULAR SERVICE
Fort Lawrence     REGULAR SERVICE
Forties Settlement                         OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Fourchu               NO SERVICE
Fox Harbour        REGULAR SERVICE
Fox Island           OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Fox Point              OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Fox River              OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Framboise            NO SERVICE
Frankville             REGULAR SERVICE
Frasers Mills         REGULAR SERVICE
Fraserville            OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Fraxville                NO SERVICE
Freeport                OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
French Cove          REGULAR SERVICE
French River Pictou Co. REGULAR SERVICE
French River Victoria Co. REGULAR SERVICE
French Road Digby Co.         REGULAR SERVICE
French Village, NS       OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
French Village, NB NO SERVICE
Frenchvale            REGULAR SERVICE
Gabarus Lake         OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gabarus                 OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gaetz Brook           OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gagetown Regular Service
Gairloch                  NO SERVICE
Gardiner Mines       REGULAR SERVICE
Garland                   REGULAR SERVICE
Gaspereax              REGULAR SERVICE
Gays River              REGULAR SERVICE
Gegogan Harbour   NO SERVICE
Georges River         OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Georgeville             OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Giants Lake             NO SERVICE
Gibraltar Station    NO SERVICE
Gilbert Cove            REGULAR SERVICE
Gillis Cove                OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gimley                      NO SERVICE
Glace Bay                 REGULAR SERVICE
Glassburn                 NO SERVICE
Glen Alpine               OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glen Currie               NO SERVICE
Glen Haven                OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glen Margaret           OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glen Road                   OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glenbervie                 NO SERVICE
Glencoe Guysborough Co.  OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glencoe Inverness Co.     OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glendale                     REGULAR SERVICE
Glendyer                      OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glenelg                       NO SERVICE
Glengarry                   OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Glengarry Pictou          REGULAR SERVICE
Glenholme                   REGULAR SERVICE
Glenmont                      REGULAR SERVICE
Glenora Falls                REGULAR SERVICE
Glenwood                      REGULAR SERVICE
Goffs                            OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gold Brook                   NO SERVICE
Gold River                     REGULAR SERVICE
Goldboro                       $30 OFFLINE CHARGE APPLIES
Goldenville                   NO SERVICE
Goodwood                     OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gordon Summit             OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gore                              NO SERVICE
Gormanville                  OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Goshen                        REGULAR SERVICE
Grafton                         REGULAR SERVICE
Grand Anse                 REGULAR SERVICE
Grand Bay- Westfield REGULAR SERVICE
Grand Desert              OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Grand Etang                OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Grand Lake                 REGULAR SERVICE
Grand Mira Upper, North & South                  OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Grand Narrows            OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Grand Pre                    REGULAR SERVICE
Grand River                 NO SERVICE
Grande Greve             REGULAR SERVICE
Grandique                   REGULAR SERVICE
Granton                       REGULAR SERVICE
Grantville                    REGULAR SERVICE
Granville Centre          REGULAR SERVICE
Granville Ferry            REGULAR SERVICE
Graves                         REGULAR SERVICE
Graywood                    NO SERVICE
Great Village                REGULAR SERVICE
Green Bay                   OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Green Oaks                 OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Greenfield Colchester Co.   OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Greenfield Queens Co.   OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY (minimum $20)
Greenhill                      REGULAR SERVICE
Greens Brook               NO SERVICE
Greenville Stat              OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Greenwich                    REGULAR SERVICE
Greenwood CFB            REGULAR SERVICE
Greenwood Kings Co.                 REGULAR SERVICE
Greenwood Shelburn Co.       REGULAR SERVICE
Grosses Coques            REGULAR SERVICE
Groves Point                 REGULAR SERVICE
Gulf Shore                     REGULAR SERVICE
Gullivers Cove               OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Gunnings Cove               OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY
Guysborough                 OFFLINE CHARGES APPLY

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